Sightseeing in Trieste and its surroundings

Trieste is located on the Gulf of Trieste in Northern Italy between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea. Trieste is home to 205,000 inhabitants (called "Triestines") and the capital city of Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Trieste was founded during the Roman Empire and in 1382 the dirigeants of the city decided to join the Holy Roman Empire in order to protect Trieste against its neighbours, especially against the permanently growing Republic of Venice. The Port of Trieste then remained the Holy Roman Empire's main access to the sea for almost six centuries, which accounts for Trieste's enormous economic development. When the Habsburg Monarchy ended in Austria and its territory was dismantled, Trieste passed to Italy and it has been an Italian city ever since. Nowadays, thanks to its advantageous situation in Central Europe and thanks to its rich history, Trieste is a multicultural region with breathtaking landscapes facing the Adriatic Sea. Off the beaten track you will discover pure nature and many treasures from the past.

Sightseeing tours in Trieste and surroundings

  • The town center: have a walk in the heart of Trieste to discover the particular history and culture of this old town. Admire the town hall and the Fountain of the Four Continents facing the Gulf of Trieste on the famous Piazza dell'Unita d'Italia; not very far away, you will find the Cittavecchia district, famous for its Roman relics, whereas Trieste Cathedral - the symbol of Trieste in the historical center of the city - was built in the Middle Ages.
  • Around Trieste: when visiting the region of Trieste, remember to have a go to the Miramare Castle, famous for its gardens "à la francaise" and its unforgettable view on the entire Gulf of Trieste. Out of the town center, you can also visit one of the largest caves open to the public in the world - the Grotta Gigante ("Giant Cave").

Sightseeing bus tours in Trieste

A sightseeing bus tour with a professional English speaking guide is the best way to see either all the monuments in the center of Trieste or all the sights around Trieste in as little time as possible: you will listen to a passionated tourist guide explaining interesting facts and anecdotes about every place you see - while remaining comfortably sitten in a bus driven by an experienced local driver. Trieste Bus would be glad to provide you with a bus, a motor coach or a minibus for your sightseeing tour in Trieste and around Trieste - and of course we can also hire a professional tour guide for your bus tour.

Further bus services in Trieste

According to the number of people you want to carry, Trieste Bus will provide you with buses or minivans and with a local driver for a transfer in Trieste or any other kind of transportation service in the area. Trieste Bus can also organize your bus transfers to and from Friuli Venezia Giulia Airport of Trieste as well as your sightseeing bus trips all around Trieste.

How to rent a bus in Trieste

The best way to get a tailor-made offer as quickly as possible is to send us an email at or to call us on +43 6991 952 49 44 and tell us all about your sightseeing programm in the region of Trieste, including bus transfers and sightseeing tours. Our professional team will be pleased to help you and even to organize your whole sightseeing programm or your entire holiday in Trieste or near Trieste if you want it to.